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Exhibition Acceptances Database Links

The links on this page give access to the PSA databases for exhibition acceptances.There is a separate database for each Division.

There are several options for searching the databases and you will have to scroll down the page to see them all.

Name Searches

Frequently, entrants' names are recorded incorrectly in the results that exhibitions send to PSA. For example, the first name and surname might get reversed or an entrant may use two of more variations of their name when entering different exhibitions. When this happens, acceptances can be recorded against several names rather than just the correct name.  It is best to identify this before searching for the acceptances for a member and, if necessary, submit a request to have the names in the database corrected.

The "Name Search plus Country" buttons allow you to enter a country as well as a name to narrow down your search. It will display a table that lists acceptances that are recorded for variations of the name you entered. At the present time this option is available only for PID.

Titles and Acceptances Searches

The "Titles and Acceptances Search" and "Total Search" buttons below give access to the same information but present the search results in different formats.

The "Titles and Acceptances Search" option gives separate lists of titles and acceptances. The "Total Search " option lists acceptances grouped by title.

Either search should give you all the acceptances and titles that are recorded for the member whose name you enter. There are very few entries for acceptances gained before 2013 (which is the year in which exhibitions started sending electronic data to PSA).

The "xx Title Search" buttons allow you to search for a specific title for a specific member. 

NOTE: For all searches you can enter exact names or partial names with wildcards (% symbol). 


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