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The Photographic Society of America has a system of photographic distinctions that is based on gaining acceptances in PSA-recognised international exhibitions.  The distinctions that can be earned are:


QPSA - Qualified

PPSA - Proficiency

EPSA - Excellence

MPSA - Master

MPSA2 - Master 2

GMPSA - Grand Master

GMPSA/B - Grand Master bronze level

GMPSA/S - Grand Master silver level

GMPSA/G - Grand Master gold level

GMPSA/P - Grand Master platinum level.

The system is explained in this document.

There is a second distinctions system that is based on submission of portfolios. The distinctions that can be gained in this way are:

BPSA - Bronze level portfolio

SPSA - Silver level portfolio

GPSA - Gold level portfolio

Information about these awards is available here 

​If you would like more information about the PSA System of distinctions please send me an email from the Contact page and I will be happy to assist you.

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